205 Original Micspy Earpiece 1st Generation Covert Spy Bug Spy Earphone

  • Small, light
  • Easy to conceal
  • 50-70 cm transfer
  • Distortion: <2%
  • Use Sony 337 battery
  • Min Ø5x7mm

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205 Covert Wireless GSM Covert Earpiece

On many occasions, you possibly don't hope others notice your operating mobile-phone or sth like this.

Only Ø6x10mm(min Ø5x7mm) the 205 Completely-in-the-Canal wireless earphone is designed to be entirely concealed in the ear canal. It is the ideal device for unobtrusive reception without cables or wires of any kind. It is a new generation of earphone.205 possibly is the tinyest wireless receiver in the world. Virtually invisible when worn, 205 rests deep in the ear canal.
The covert Assembly offers the best communications solution at times when secrecy and privacy are of paramount importance. For example, Surveillance, VIP Protection, Investigation, etc. The technical specifications of individual components allow them to be used with a wide range of personal radios. 

In the professional security field, this new micro receiver will be highly appreciated by security forces and special army units. 205 allows you to inform, command and alert your team, without them carrying visible communications. 




Mini wireless earpiece consists of specialized chip, shell, faceplate, battery door, handle etc.

  • Battery door: Open battery door by fingertip, install the battery perfectly and push the battery door to battery box.
  • Handle: Clarity and high strength string help you to take out the earpiece from ear canal easily.

Technical specification:

  1. Mini wireless earpiece (205 earpiece) receives signal by inductive coil. across electromagnetic fields
  2. Receiving distance: 50-70 cm
  3. Standard Zinc-air battery: type 337
  4. Battery life: about 5 hours
  5. Audio bandwidth: from 300 Hz to 4 KHz
  6. Distortion: <2%
  7. Size: 3x5x7mm
  8. Working frequency: all frequencies
  9. Distance between inductive coil and Mini wireless earpiece: about 70-100 cm

How does it work?

  • The mini ear receiver in your ear is a laud speaker, in another words, by mini ear receiver you can hear some who is on the other side of the gsm line. The mini ear receiver is in wireless connection with the special hands free around your neck.This hands is a microphone and some who is on the other side of gsm line can hear your voice or your whisper and all sounds sorrounding you. By mini ear receiver you can hear your partner from the other side of the gsm line, by Special handsfree you can talk to someone.
  • Mini ear receiver is very small 3x5x7 mm, has a perfect anatomic shape, so no one will ever notice that you have anything inside your ear.


How to use it?

1. Put the battery like on the picture, before put in earpiece in your ear, please clean very good your ear canal.

2. Set loopset at your neck and connect it to device - Mobile phone, MP3 Player or other device .
3. Close the battery case and put the earpiece at your ear.
4. Make connection with other person which you want to communicate.


For better sound quality please make these steps: 
Clear your ear canal.
2. Before put in earpiece at your ear, please dial service number (if you use it with mobile phone). Then start to put in earpiece at your ear with round movement at your ear. Some people directly put in earpiece in their ear and then can&apos;t hear nothing, because they are not put in correct at their ear.
3. Set volume at maximum for better sound quality.
4. Use earpiece and loopset at short distance.

The first time in the world an Completely-in-the-Canal earphone has been equipped with an integrated circuit and developed for the specific needs of miniaturized communication applications. It is especially designed for use with radio-telephones, radio-microphones and similar equipment. 
Extremely compact and discreet the wireless 305 gives the wearer complete freedom of movement, Static free transmission ensures clear reception of voice communications and a custom integrated circuit with low current consumption guarantees a long trouble free battery service life.
We manufacture some special accessories for connecting to the majority of mobile phones or sth like this. among them are WaistBand or Neck Loop, and so on. They converts output into an inductive signal which is received by the 305,it doesn't influence it's previous function. For example mobile phone can listen and talk.

Virtually, change jack socket on WaistBand or Neck Loop,any kind of wired earphone even such as an MP-3 player, data recorder, used to 305 Completely-in-the-Canal wireless earphone.

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