The Smallest Spy 205F Earpiece Covert Earpiece,wireless earpiece,Micro Earpiece Hidden Earphone Mini Wireless Earpiece

200Hz ~ 5400Hz
Distortion Rate: < 2%
S/N: 2KHz > 5KHz
OSPL90dB 115dB
Peak Value: 40dB
Sensitivity: <85dB
Static Current: 0.65mA
Battery #337 or #416
Size: 6x6x10mm
Weight: 0.5gram

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The smalles hidden earpiece,covert earpiece,wireless earpiece,Micro earpiece,hidden earphone,mini wireless earpiece


Product Description:

NEW cube shape, the smallest top hidden earpiece is entirely concealed in the ear canal. The new TE09 earpiece is the smallest wireless electroacoustic receiver.

With the smallest hidden earpiece, you can setup your own covert communications system while secrecy and privacy are of paramount importance. You can use the smallest cube earpiece in applications of Surveillance, VIP Protection, Investigation, and so on.

The smallest hidden earpiece is with an optimum anatomic design. It allows inexperience users easily wear it. No one will notice user is wearing earpiece. Most of the customers do not know about this earpiece model. It has similar specifications as SEH05 black earpiece and SEH08 skin earpiece. However, the smallest size 6x6x10mm extended applications of hidden earpiece and enhanced hidden function. Its especially suitable for use in special occasions when communication is totally forbidden.

Our smallest hidden cube earpiece is able to be paired with all transmitters selling in the SafestMonster store. You can choose TE21 neckloop to connect to mobile, or use TE22 neckloop to connect to walkie-talkie. Most popular selection is pair with SEA07 bluetooth neckloop then connect to Bluetooth enabled mobile phones wirelessly.



  • Frequency Range: 200Hz ~ 5400Hz
  • Distortion Rate: < 2%
  •  S/N Ratio: at 2KHz > 5KHz
  • Saturated Output: (OSPL90dB) 115dB
  • Peak Value: 40dB
  • Ralative Sensitivity Limit: < 85dB
  • Static Operation Current: 0.65mA
  • Equivalent Bottom Input Noise: 30dB
  • Receive: Eletromagnetic
  • Temperature: Maintain -10~60C / Operating 0~40C
  • Battery Type: Button Battery #337 or #416
  • Battery Life: About 7 Hours (original Sony Battery)
  • Low Battery: With alarm Beep
  • Color: Beige
  • Product Dimension / Weight: 6x6x10mm / 0.5gram
  • Package Size / Weight: 52x42x14mm / 0.8gram